Bia Jurema is a Brazilian director, editor, and photographer working in Los Angeles.

Jurema has shot and edited for brands like Adidas, BET, Viacom, Hilton, Paramount, Avion, and Citi. Aside from her own clientele and artistic endeavors, she continues to tell stories by collaborating with some of the industry's most recognizable names. She works as a freelance Editor at Live Nation Entertainment, where she creates original stories for sponsored and branded pieces, and Caviar Content, as part of the post-production team working on high-profile commercials and TV pilots. She continues to team up with companies like NYLACSuperDeluxe, and Block Party to create a variety of digital content.

Jurema picked up her first feature film credit on the promising dark comedy, Ingrid Goes West, starring Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olsen, and O'Shea Jackson Jr. The film made its world premiere at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, winning the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award. Shortly after, Jurema paired up with Actor/Director, Sarah Ramos, to serve as the lead editor on the comedy series, City Girl, released by SuperDeluxe. 

Female centric storytelling is her passion.